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Points to discuss

  • Z-Push release status
  • Wanted: Developer for IMAP + Card & CalDav backends
  • Z-Push in Debian
    • Update & next steps

  • News regarding Kopano Outlook Extension
    • KOE is open source!
    • Changes for version 1.3 and how to use this in your backend
    • Plans for version 1.4

  • Notable tickets of the last months:
    • Additional Folder API (until now only used in KOE)
    • KOE signature sync  ZP-1065 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • KOE: Secondary Contact folder support  ZP-907 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Gab2Contacts  ZP-998 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • KOE: Store client capabilities  ZP-1132 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Missing dependencies for the IMAP backend  ZP-1149 - Getting issue details... STATUS  &  ZP-1191 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Meeting notes

Participants: Felix, Manfred, Roel, Sebastian

Because Roel was the only participant from the community, almost the entire time went into Z-Push in debian topic.

  • Debian packaging
    • improvements for webserver configuration (don't ask about other webservers if only one is installed)
    • lintian warnings down to maybe 1 (because we use changed code)
    • after Z-Push 2.3.6 final release the packages should be ready for a sponsor to upload
    • Patches:
      • provisioning - enable by default or at least provide an option to enable it during installation (needs further discussion)
      •  states folder - why /var/lib/z-push/states? - Needs a solution for states when switching from/to packages provided by debian and by Z-Push
      • The licencing-related patches could be removed after Z-Push 2.3.6 final release
    • Package structure:
      • shared-memory is part of z-push package in debian, but separate in Z-Push provided packages (because Z-Push team wants to maintain same package structure between different OS and shared-memory is per default enabled on debian-based systems but a separate package on RHEL-based ones)
      • autodiscover is part of z-push package in debian, but separate in Z-Push provided packages. However in some case a separate package might be a better alternative because some users opt to install autodiscover on a separate system from Z-Push itself and do not require the whole Z-Push stack (aka z-push-common).
    • Links to Z-Push debian packaging:
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