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BASE_PATHThis property specifies where the AutoDiscover files are located. Normally there is no need to adjust this parameter.
SERVERURLThis is the full URL where the Z-Push server is available. You should adjust it to the domain/server where Z-Push is installed.ZPUSH_HOSTOptional config option to influence the address to Autodiscover code sends to the device. If not set the code will redirect to the value obtained from HTTP_HOST or SERVER_NAME (introduced in 2.3.4, replaces SERVERURL)
USE_FULLEMAIL_FOR_LOGINIf this is set to "true", AutoDiscover will attempt to login on the collaboration server with the full email address sent by the client. If disabled (default), the local part of the email address is used.

If the local part of the email address doesn't match the user name, this parameter helps to convert it for some common cases.

Possible values:

AUTODISCOVER_LOGIN_EMAIL - uses the local part of the email address as provided when setting up the account.
AUTODISCOVER_LOGIN_NO_DOT - removes the '.' from email address: email: -> resulting username: firstlast
AUTODISCOVER_LOGIN_F_NO_DOT_LAST - cuts the first part before '.' after the first letter and removes the '.' from email address: email: -> resulting username: flast
AUTODISCOVER_LOGIN_F_DOT_LAST - cuts the part before '.' after the first letter and leaves the part after '.' as is: email: -> resulting username: f.last

LOGFILEDIRThe directory where logfiles are created.
LOGFILEThe default AutoDiscover log file.
LOGERRORFILEThe default AutoDiscover error log file.
LOGLEVELThe loglevel, set it to WBXML to see the data received and sent from/to clients.
LOGAUTHFAILSet to true, to explicitly log failed login attempts.

The backend to be used. If empty (default) the code will auto detect which backend to use.

Please note: the desired backend also needs to be configured, in the "backends/<backend>/config.php" file.