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The 2nd option is more straightforward and allows switching to attachments on file system mode, however both Zarafa and Kopano need to be running. This is easy when you have two Synology's to migrate from a to b but tricky when both packages are on the same box using the same ports. To run Kopano4s parallel with Zarafa there is a trick: run > kopano4s-init no-ports and it will initialize the container with no exposed ports so it will not crash for conflicting ports. Now run kopano-backup against Zarafa using the -s socket option (see synopsis section below). You will not need to provide a directory as the kopano backup directory mounted into the container will be used. Make sure you have an user in Zarafa with admin rights as well as in empty target Kopano database to succeed. Assuming you have admin user jbond with pwd skyfall on source and target the command will be: (replace $PARENT with ip of synology when connecting to another box; parent is the ip on docker nw to the host).

> kopano-backup - shttp://$PARENT:236/zarafa -U jbond -P skyfall -u jbond -l INFO --skip-junk --skip-deleted