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z-push-top is a "top like" tool that informs about actions currently running on the server where it is executed.

Work in progress

This page is work in progress.


Color Scheme

Every line fits a color scheme.

Bold whiteThe process has been active in the last 2 seconds.
WhiteThe process has been active in the last 6 seconds.

There has been no feedback from the process in the last 7 seconds.

GrayThe process was finished.


Every line transitions between the colors. When something was logged to z-push-top (the "additional information" is generally updated) the process is shown in bold white. Shortly after (1 second later) it becomes plain white and stays that way, up to more 6 seconds ago if no other update occurs. After these 6 seconds the process becomes red. This could happen e.g. when streaming a large attachment or email to a mobile with a low bandwidth connection. This could take up to several minutes. Normally these connections become white again or gray after this job is done. When a process is red the last "additional information" part gives a clue what the process did/was doing last. Connections that stay red for a longer period of time indicate that there is a problem. An unexpected error could have been occurred. You could check for your process list still contains the PID, if perhaps the CPU load is unusually high (for a longer period of time) or if there are any log entries in the Z-Push or Apache (error) log.


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  1. Is there a way for a custom backend to log something in the "additional information" when the process become red ?

    For example, my custom backend consume an API X that may hypothetically lag for a few seconds. Could I just set the addtitional information to "fetch data from API X" ?

  2. Yes, you can do this. Just call this before calling the API:

    ZPush::GetTopCollector()->AnnounceInformation("Fetch from API");

    If you add an additional "true" flag, this information will also be displayed when the process terminates as gray (some information that is specific, like an exception that occurred).