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Lot of things are to be done in Z-Push. All new issues go generally into "Next", are investigated and then either moved to one of the next minor version (e.g. a bugfix), to the next major release or go to Backlog, if there is no timeframe to fix an issue.



2.2.x - EOL

Since the release of Z-Push 2.3.0, Z-Push 2.2.x is the oldstable. Z-Push 2.2.14 was the last 2.2.X release.

Regular release cycle will be maintained for now. For more information, also about EOL of 2.2.x see the Version Lifecycle.

Applicable fixes and contributions of 2.3.0 will be backported and get into the next planned minor where the feature/merge window has not closed yet. 

For an overview about the next oldstable minors, see the Next Minor Oldstable Release (2.2.x) table below. 


2.3.0 - stable

Z-Push 2.3.0 was released on 27th of July 2016 as stable version. This version contains many new features, like:

For the near future (2.3.x) we plan these features:

  • Fixes and improvements up for evaluation next (see "Next" table from below)
  • New advanced Outlook 2013+2016 features (like open shared folders)
  • z-push-admin improvements (json output)
  • Open Shared Folder API for users manageable via z-push-admin (TBD)

For an overview about the next minors, see the Next Minor Stable Release (2.3.x) and Upcoming Minor Releases (2.3.x) tables below. 

2.4.x - stable

The upcoming major these improvements are planned for now:

  • ActiveSync 14.1
  • Remove ActiveSync 2.5 and lower related code
  • Statistics/Metrics integration
  • Shared folder API

2.5.x - unstable

For an overview about the next major, see the Next Major Release table below. 

3.0 - future

  • ActiveSync 16.0 and 16.1 support
  • Refactor
    • zpushdefs.php (use class constants instead of defines)
    • mapiprovider.php (getEmail, setting body etc.)
    • kopano backend availability in mapiprovider, importer, exporter etc (dependency injection? setter?)
    • code refactoring
  • Minimum PHP version 7.0 (question)
  • Reduce static functions' calls

Roadmap by Tickets

Next steps

The "next" section contains all tickets which are still under investigation and are prioritized higher of getting a fix.

Key Summary T Updated P Status epic name


Next Minor Stable Release (2.3.8)

Tickets scheduled for the next minor version.

Key Summary T Updated P Status Resolution Fix Version/s

Next Major Release

The next planned major release is Z-Push 2.4.0.

See tickets of this version in Jira.

Key Summary T Updated P Status Resolution


This is a collection of tickets we are aware of, want to fix them, but have no estimated timeframe.

Key Summary T Updated P Status Resolution

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