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We want to do regularly community developer meetings to discuss next steps, procedures, features and releases.

The meetings are public and can be joined by anyone with interest and are held on

Every meeting has a protocol about discussed issues and for documentation purpose.



Next meeting

Last meeting:  - Protocol: 0008 Protocol of the Meeting 2016-12-15

Next meeting (April 2017)

New developers are welcome to join!

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  1. How about recording the meetings or publishing the notes here? So if someone cannot be there, he/she can see/read it later.

  2. Yes, we will publish the notes here. Sebastian already did it for our meeting today.

  3. Ticket ZP-648 brings up an interesting issue that was slightly touched on at the last meeting. It is created for a bug in the base z-push code, and for that I have implemented a fix. However, I know it will break the zarafa backend as that has been coded to work with the broken code. I do not have the bandwidth to try to learn how the zarafa works internally to be able to complete the changes required to the zarafa backend to implement all the functionality needed. For a core non-trivial fix like this I think we need to be able to pair up with a zarafa developer who can make the necessary zarafa backend changes. Your thoughts?