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This feature is for most of the apps only available for customers with a valid Kopano subscription. The exception to this is the z-push app, since this does not require a subscription to access the package repository.

Once the repositories are enabled these will be used to update the components of Kopano itself (e.g. core, webapp, webmeetings). When there has been an update for the app integration, this will be provided by an app update shown in the Univention App Center. These app updates can be installed without a problem and will not downgrade the packages installed through the repositories.

Warning: this procedure will block the update from Univention 4.1.x to 4.2.x, since the package dependencies for Kopano cannot be cleanly resolved during the upgrade. This has been resolved with the app update. See Upgrading from UCS 4.1 to 4.2 with repositories for additional required steps.


Starting with version 1.2 of Kopano4UCS (which is part of the app version it is now easily possible to update Kopano directly through the repositories provided by Kopano.


For this feature you have to manually once enable the desired repository (at the moment of writing only available for kopano-core). You will need to use the Kopano license serial as password for access to the repositories, and can use the following snippet to quickly enable the repository for Kopano Core from the command line:

univention-config-registry set \
        kopano/repo/kopano-core='true' \
        kopano/repo/username='serial' \

Updating Kopano WebApp

Starting with version 1.3 of Kopano4UCS (included in the Kopano WebApp  app its also possible to update Kopano WebApp and the individual WebApp plugins through the official Kopano repositories. For WebApp it is also possible make use of the pre-final and master repositories.

univention-config-registry set \
        kopano/repo/kopano-webapp='true' \
        kopano/repo/kopano-webapp-releasetype='final' \
        kopano/repo/kopano-files='true' \
        kopano/repo/kopano-files-releasetype='final' \
        kopano/repo/kopano-mdm='true' \
        kopano/repo/kopano-mdm-releasetype='final' \
        kopano/repo/kopano-smime='true' \
        kopano/repo/kopano-smime-releasetype='final' \
        kopano/repo/username='serial' \

If kopano-*-releasetype is not set, it will default back to only install updates from the final repository.

Updating Kopano WebMeetings

Starting with version 2.0.5 of Meetings4UCS (included in the Kopano WebMeetings app its also possible to update Kopano WebMeetings through the official Kopano repositories. Just like with WebApp you can choose different release stages. 

univention-config-registry set \
        kopano/repo/kopano-webmeetings='true' \
        kopano/repo/kopano-webmeetings-releasetype='final' \
        kopano/repo/username='serial' \

If kopano-*-releasetype is not set, it will default back to only install updates from the final repository.

Updating Z-Push

Starting with version 1.3.5 of Kopano4UCS (included in the Z-Push 2.3.7 app) its also possible to update Z-Push through the official repositories. Just like with WebApp you can choose different release stages. But unlike the other repositories no username/password is required.

univention-config-registry set \
        kopano/repo/z-push-kopano='true' \

If z-push-kopano-releasetype is not set, it will default back to only install updates from the final repository.

Upgrading from UCS 4.1 to 4.2 with repositories

Starting with version 1.3.10 of Kopano4UCS (included in the Kopano Core app repository usage for UCS 4.1 is disabled. To perform the upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2 the update repositories have still to be deactived, though. The following script can be used for this:

if [ $(ucr get version/version) == "4.1" ]; then
        univention-config-registry set \
        kopano/repo/kopano-core='false' \
        kopano/repo/kopano-webapp='false' \
        kopano/repo/kopano-files='false' \
        kopano/repo/kopano-mdm='false' \
        kopano/repo/kopano-smime='false' \
        kopano/repo/kopano-webmeetings='false' \

Once the upgrade to 4.2 is completed the update repositrories can be enabled again to receive the latest updates.

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