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  • The migration script has only been tested against standard installation and may produce undesired effects in customised environments.
  • It is highly recommended to make a full system backup/snapshot of the old Zarafa installation and your LDAP tree before attempting the migration.
  • The script will detect if the default dir for attachments in Zarafa (var/lib/zarafa/attachments) is located in a mounted volume and will reuse it for Kopano. If attachments are stored in a different location these have to be manually configured in Kopano.
  • While migrating the data everything already setup in Kopano will be replaced by the data of the old Zarafa app. It is not possible to merge both data sources.
  • If you want to continue using the old Zarafa Mapi client for Outlook, please make sure that you are using a version >=7.2.3.
  • The migration script will not migrate any data related to Zarafa WebMeetings, since the used encryption secrets are automatically recreated and Turn credentials are not compatible anyways.
  • The migration script does not change the socket information of server objects in a Zarafa Multiserver environment, since these sockets have changed in Kopano the admin needs to manually update them.
  • The migration script uses "rsync .. --remove-source-files" to move attachment data to the new location, which is thorough, but slow. For time sensitive migrations the last line of can be commented out, but then the owner of the attachment dir, as well as moving the directory or updating the attachment dir in server.cfg, has to be done manually.

Known issues

KUCS-22 - Getting issue details... STATUS

→ manual way to move these users is explained in (german)

If you want to work on these issues, please let us know.

Uninstall the Zarafa Apps and install the Kopano counterparts instead

The script assumes you have already installed the Kopano apps, and to achieve this you need to remove the Zarafa ones before. Before upgrade to Kopano you do not necessarily have to be running a specific version of Zarafa, an upgrade is technically possible from all versions (as long as Kopano is available from the Appcenter), but for optimal compatibility a 7.2.x version should be used.

Please remove and install the desired apps from the Univention Appcenter module.

Problems installing Kopano?

Please make sure that all Zarafa packages have been removed. If packages such as python-zarafa have been manually installed over time they won't be removed when the app itself is removed.


Installing the migration script

All necessary scripts and system dependencies come bundled with the package kopano4ucs-migrate-zarafa. Please install the package from the commandline:

univention-install kopano4ucs-migrate-zarafa

Running the migration script

The migration script actually consists of several parts and one script to wrap the individual scripts together and stop all related services.

root@ucs-3162:/usr/share/kopano4ucs# ls  kopano4ucs-update-configs

You start the migration by running

root@ucs-3162:/usr/share/kopano4ucs# ./

Please make sure that you have entirely read and
that all modification you made to your Zarafa configuration files are stored in the Univention Configuration Registry.
Do you want to continue? (y/n)

Executing this script will enable the user_safe_mode of kopano-server and stop all Kopano services. No login will be possible directly afterwards!

When you see the following message the scripts have finished running and you can login to for example Kopano WebApp to check if all data is listed es expected.

Kopano-server has been automatically started, please check if all data has been succesfully migrated.
Once the migration has been verified please remember to deactivate user_safe_mode and start the remaining services:
ucr set kopano/cfg/server/user_safe_mode=no
for kop in /etc/init.d/kopano-*; do
        $kop start
service postfix start
service fetchmail start

If you don't see this message, something has gone wrong in between (there are no background tasks, after the prompt has returned).

Checking the system & migration afterwork

After the scripts have run, please check server.log if it reports any errors or even want to delete users. Each user listed in kopano-admin -l should also be able to login through (for example) WebApp. 

After this has been made sure, you can disable the user_safe_mode of kopano-server and reload the server with the following commands:

ucr set kopano/cfg/server/user_safe_mode=no
service kopano-server reload
service postfix start
for kop in /etc/init.d/kopano-*; do
        $kop start



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  1. Optional hint. The apps can easily by installed from the commandline as well. Ideally though the Univention webinterface should be used for this.

    # Removing apps from the commandline
    univention-app remove z-push
    univention-app remove zmeetings4ucs
    univention-app remove zarafa-webapp
    univention-app remove zarafa
    # Installing Kopano apps from the commandline
    univention-app install kopano-core && \
    univention-app install kopano-webapp && \
    univention-app install z-push-kopano && \
    univention-app install kopano-webmeetings



  2. After Zarafa has been uninstalled, its Initscripts remain in the system in /etc/init.d. They are not required anymore, but will block the update to UCS 4.2. The following error will occur in /var/log/univention/updater.log when trying to update to UCS 4.2:

    Trying to detect if migration to dependency based boot will fail:
    WARNING: Removed, but configured, package zarafa-dagent left /etc/init.d/zarafa-dagent behind
    WARNING: Removed, but configured, package zarafa-gateway left /etc/init.d/zarafa-gateway behind
    WARNING: Removed, but configured, package zarafa-ical left /etc/init.d/zarafa-ical behind
    WARNING: Removed, but configured, package zarafa-licensed left /etc/init.d/zarafa-licensed behind
    WARNING: Removed, but configured, package zarafa-monitor left /etc/init.d/zarafa-monitor behind
    WARNING: Removed, but configured, package zarafa-presence left /etc/init.d/zarafa-presence behind
    WARNING: Removed, but configured, package zarafa-server left /etc/init.d/zarafa-server behind
    WARNING: Removed, but configured, package zarafa-spooler left /etc/init.d/zarafa-spooler behind
    WARNING: Removed, but configured, package zarafa-webmeetings left /etc/init.d/zarafa-webmeetings behind

    It should be safe to remove these files. They have to be moved to another location, and then the update should be restarted

    mkdir /root/service
    mv /etc/init.d/zarafa-* /root/service/