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KopanoUCS can easily be installed and updated through the Univention App Center. For quick tests or direct usage Univention provides an Appliance for various virtualisation systems. This appliances feature a ready to use installation of Kopano, the WebAppWebMeetings and Z-Push.

How to setup the VM?

Please refer to the documentation on your virtualisation system on how to import the appliance. 

After the VM has booted up you are greeted by the language configuration of Univention.


IP configuration screen with the options to use a dynamic (dhcp assigned) ip or a static one.

On the "domain setup" screen you can define if you want to manage users directly on the VM, or join the VM into an existing Univention or Windows domain. (the following screens will differ if you choose to join the VM into an existing domain)


Based on the company name Univention will propose a DNS name for the system and the base for the LDAP tree. Please be aware that the dns domain (kopano.intranet) will also be the the base for all email accounts on the system.

After completing the initial configuration you get a last confirmation screen with an overview of your configuration.

After confirming the settings will be applied, updates installed and the system will be rebooted after the process has finished.

After the reboot has finished all further configuration will be done through a webbrowser. For this the VM will print out the IP and DNS name of the system once again.

Before being able to login through the Webrowser you have to upload your license file. The license has already been sent to the email adress provided earlier in the setup, but can be resent (to a different address) on this screen as well. Please be aware that even logins via SSH will not be possible until the license has been imported.

Login through the webinterface with the username "Administrator" and the password set earlier in the process.

After the login has completed you can create additional users.

After the user can been initially created you can return to the user to change additional settings. Directly Kopano related options are located on the tab named "Kopano".

How to setup Kopano on an already existing Univention system?

On an existing system you can simply go the the "App Center", search for "kopano" and install the "Kopano Core" app. To app can only be installed on systems that act as a domain master or slave, since Kopano requires a local LDAP tree on Univention system.

Logging in to the Kopano WebApp

Univention features a nice overview page from where you users can directly jump to the WebApp or WebMeetings. This page will be displayed when accessing the IP or DNS name of the system.

Need additional help?

In case you have a valid Kopano /Kopano subscription the Kopano Support is glad to help you out. If you don't have a subscription, you can always find community provided support in the Univention and Kopano forum. The Univention forum is best suited for all questions regarding the Univention base system and the integration (like "how to I get mails from external systems?", "where do I update my users details?"), the Kopano forum is best suited for all directly Kopano related questions (like "why do I get this error message?", "how do I setup client x?").

Univention online documentation:

Univention wiki:

Further Univention support:

Kopano online documentation:

Kopano forum:


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