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What should I know before I get started?

TODO Versioning & releases

How can i contribute?

Creating an account

An account to for participation in the Wiki, bug tracker and code repositories can be created at the JIRA Sign-Up page. The system building the packages is sadly not public, but compiled packages (based on the develop branch) are mirrored to the z-hub repository. Please be aware that these packages are meant for testing only and the integration packages published in the Univention Appcenter should be used for production systems.

Reporting Bugs

If you encounter any bugs or errors concerning the integration package (e.g. not bugs or errors in the Kopano or Univention software) please report them over at the Kopano Forum.

Suggesting Enhancements

Your first code contribution

  • Find a ticket concerning the functionality you want or create a new one. Assign the ticket to your user to indicate that you want to work on it.
  • From withing Stash create a branch for your functionality based on the master branch.
  • Commit and push your changes, when you're done create a pull request against master.
  • Once your contribution has been merged into master, it will already be included in the next build and published at
  • Builds for the Univention App Center are based on a specific commit hash. An update for the App Center will be pushed with the next general update.

Pull requests

Pull request should be performed against the master branch.

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