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In Univention almost all of the configuration is stored and managed through the Univention Configuration Registry (UCR). For Kopano the according configuration files are dynamically parsed and extended. This allows to easily adjust new configuration options by just adding the according variable to the UCR

The format for ucr variables are as followed: 

kopano/cfg/ldap/ldap_search_base: @%@ldap/base@%@
^      ^   ^    ^                 ^
|      |   |    |                 |
Base of the variable              |
       |   |    |                 |
       General part of the configuration to edit. Can be cfg for files located directly in /etc/kopano or webapp for WebApp configuration files in /etc/kopano/webapp/
           |    |                 |
           Name of the relevant configuration file (ldap.cfg in this case)
                |                 |
                Name of the configuration option in the configuration file
                                  Value of the configuration option 

Every configuration option already stored in an ucr variable also has the following header in the corresponding configuration file:

# Warning: the value "server_pipe_name" has been set via UCR variable "kopano/cfg/ldap/ldap_search_base"

If you delete a configuration option from the ucr, the variable will be commented in the configuration file and its default value will be used.


To change the log level of kopano-server the following command can be used:

# set new value of configuration option
ucr set kopano/cfg/server/log_level=6 \
    kopano/cfg/server/log_method=file \
# apply new log_level by reloading kopano-server
service kopano-server reload


Rebuilding configuration files from the UCR

In case the original configuration files are lost, the following two commands can be used to read all configuration settings from the UCR and reapply them to new configuration files:

# For Kopano Core configuration files:
while read ucrv; do ucr set "$ucrv"="$(ucr get $ucrv)"; done < <(ucr search --brief kopano/cfg | awk -F : '{print $1}')
# For Kopano WebApp configuration files:
while read ucrv; do ucr set "$ucrv"="$(ucr get $ucrv)"; done < <(ucr search --brief kopano/webapp | awk -F : '{print $1}')
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